Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can trees grow bugs?

I SWEAR! Theres a tree that grows a lot around here, and the pods grown from the tree have seeds in them, and the seeds have 1 bug in them. No, it's not an egg that a bug laid. No no. Its seriously grown from the tree. I can't figure out what they're called, maybe you know? The picture above kinda looks like the pods, but I am not sure if it's exactly them. Take a look, yo.

Convincing my boyfriend that this tree is a fountain of life was an impossible task. He insists that theres a single egg in every one. Or that the bugs get in them when the seeds are soft and young. BS! There's no way the same type of bug gets into every last one of those seeds. This tree is like a miracle tree. Maybe if we somehow connect dead people to it, it'll sprout them to life!! YES!

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