Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greek Flavor

Man! Have you tried Greek yogurt?! Not a single spice or fruit can be put in it to make it half way delicious. It's disgusting. Since when is yogurt supposed to smell like cheese and taste like rotten, heated cheese (or sour cream)?

In chemistry, I learned that atoms give off light when they have energy they need to get rid of. Then doesn't that make sense that light DOESN'T come from space, that it comes from the atoms in a light bulb? 

Don't you hate it when your stomach makes a gurgle or a squirting sound in an extremely quiet environment? Then you feel it coming up and either your throat gurgles or you burp uncontrollably? Ugh. 

I'm going to make a cake this summer. EPIC cake. That's what I'll name it :) Its going to have this cool strip stuff that is leopard and zebra print. Then cupcakes with fondant, cake crispies, lots of sprinkles, and exciting frosting. 

Does anyone know if works? I would like to purchase it (yes,  I'm OCD about my ipod not being perfect), but I don't know if it will actually work. Let me know!

Got a cool question? Post it as a comment :) I'm just ITCHING to know what your brain finds confuzzling! 

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