Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changing things up: Sitting on the TV watching the couch.

My imaginary giraffe got taken hostage today :(
But on the bright site, Dory taught me whale today :) 
I learned today that writing is like going to the bathroom. At first you have to, but then you do it because it feels AMAZING! It's also like sex (sometimes). It feels great at first, then it gets boring, then eventually annoying. My teacher says it's like prostitution. No Joke. First you do it for love, then for a few close friends, then for money.
I've decided that the next time I get caught doing something really bad, I'm going to pretend I don't speak English...or any other language you know. *Click Click Clock Tick. Then if I really get caught, I'm going to tell them the rice crispies told me to do it.
I've discovered today that the only way you can look is forward. Since your eyes face that way. 
Have you noticed that M&M's have W's on them now?
I noticed a giant blue kangaroo on my couch today, and it had bubbles! Where did it get the bubbles? I WANT SOME BUBBLES!!
Remember not to eat pineapples! Spongebob might become homeless. :(
I found out why buffaloes can't fly! Everyone keeps eating their wings.
In honor of Easter: if chickens ate nothing but marshmallows, would they give birth to peeps?
Ya know a good way to mess with your neighbor? Buy the same TV as them. Therefore you have the same remote. Then you can change their channels.
Let's play rock paper scissors. Ready? Rock. Paper. Gun. I win :)
BTW! It's FRIDAY!! Oh sorry, just practicing :)
I wish I was a glowworm. How could you be unhappy if your butt glows?
Think about it: Is that dollar bill in your pocket the same dollar bill that was once in a stripper's pants? 

P.S. I didn't lose my mind, it got taken by penguins wearing blue jumpsuits. 

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