Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm allergic to tickles. I break out in giggles.

I suppose the economy really sucks; today I saw an empty turtle shell with a foreclosure sign taped to the side.
I was riding a horse yesterday and fell off, almost got killed! Luckily the Walmart supervisor saw and came over to unplug it.
I'm on a mission! The magic leprechaun told me to follow the pink racehorse to the rainbow where the orange elephant is holding my skittles hostage
ghewttttttttt   <--- my attempt to type with my chin :D
Guess what? I'm naked under all these clothes!
I am going to buy two fish one called 1 and the other one called 2 so if 1 dies I've still got 2!
Once your pants catch fire, the fact that you're lying becomes less important.
I wonder why its called a walkie talkie, yet a vacuum isn't called a pushy sucky?
I'm amazed that you can hold your nose and hum at the same time. Ha Ha! You can't! Comment if you tried this!

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